Jobs Not Jails

Together, we are building the infrastructure to engage thousands of people in a campaign to stop $2 billion of prison construction, and re-direct those funds into creating good jobs for people in low-income, high-crime neighborhoods.

The Jobs NOT Jails Campaign Website is Here!

Feb 6, 2014 | by admin

We are pleased to announce a new on-line tool for everyone interested in the Jobs NOT Jails Campaign: is an interactive web site for downloadable information about our campaign. If you want more information about the problems we’re tackling and the strategies we’re using or to access the petition and other resources in a downloadable format… here it is!!

We owe a special thanks to Jobs NOT Jails leader Jamarhl Crawford, author of, and Write-in Candidate for Boston City Council, for developing and hosting the website.

Here are some new campaign updates:

Jobs NOT Jails now has a formal Steering Committee, made up of individuals and organizations who are actively driving the campaign in our daily work. Please see for a list of the Steering Committee members!

We have a new confirmed total of 8,786 petition signatures! Recent contributions include: 646 signatures collected by NAACP Boston’s Youth and 1,200 signatures collected by members of Teen Empowerment!!! If you have collected signatures, please let us know your totals, so we can announce them too. Write to: or post them directly on the website here.

There are leaders organizing for Jobs NOT Jails on the North Shore and in Springfield, as well as in Boston and Worcester.

There are teams working within the Unitarian Universalist and Congregational Churches to engage people of faith in those communities and an organizer reaching out to try to inspire similar action in each of the other denominations and faiths.

A date for the demonstration is April 26, 2014.

If you would like contact information for the people leading any of these efforts, or If you would like to get more involved yourself, please contact Steve O’Neill:  508-410-7676