Maryland Cure

Maryland CURE is a state chapter of International CURE, an organization dedicated to reducing crime through reform of the criminal justice system since 1972. We believe prisons should only be used for those who absolutely must be incarcerated. Prisons should not be used as warehouses for humanity.

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Ex-offenders rally for changes to Md. expungement laws
About 100 ex-offenders and advocates rallied in Annapolis on Tuesday morning to urge Maryland lawmakers to pass legislation that would help former inmates reenter society by removing barriers for employment.
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One Mother’s Story | A Son Serving Life in Maryland
Lea has been fighting for criminal justice reform in Maryland for 16 years. She is about to be honored with an award. Here is her story...
Criminalization of Asperger Syndrome In Iowa
My son is facing 55 years in Iowa for non-violent crimes. He has Asperger Syndrome.
Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform-MAJR
A new Coalition in Annapolis, preparing for 2015 General Assembly. We are partnership with a progressive group in Annapolis, Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform-MAJR, which is sponsoring criminal justice reform legislative for the Maryland General Assembly session. It has a impressive mix of organizations NAACP, ACLU, coming together for prison reform. This coalition is the best chance we've seen in a long time to accomplish something positive in criminal justice reform legislative in Maryland.
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