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Maryland CURE is a state chapter of International CURE, an organization dedicated to reducing crime through reform of the criminal justice system since 1972. We believe prisons should only be used for those who absolutely must be incarcerated. Prisons should not be used as warehouses for humanity.

Ex-offenders rally for changes to Md. expungement laws

Mar 9, 2016 | by admin

About 100 ex-offenders and advocates rallied in Annapolis on Tuesday morning to urge Maryland lawmakers to pass legislation that would help former inmates reenter society by removing barriers for employment.

Ex-offenders chanted, “Second chance, everybody deserves a second chance,” as legislators walked across Lawyer’s Mall into the statehouse.

“We want the legislature to know that this is an important issue to the people of the state,” said Todd Yeary, the political-action chair for the NAACP’s Maryland State Conference. “And it’s good public policy.”

Advocates are pushing a couple of bills that deal with expunging certain criminal records.

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