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Fighting to reverse the trend of mass incarceration and correcting sentencing bias and injustices that remain uncorrected in Virginia." -- Lillie Branch-Kennedy, Founder/Executive Director Resource Information Help for the Disadvantaged & Disenfranchised (RIHD)

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2020 Legislative Agenda
Written with Love & Shredded with Malice
The Virginia Department of Corrections' new policy will see all incoming mail (photos included) photocopied for delivery to inmates and the original mail shredded.
Recap and moving forward with Mobile Justice Tour
SB216, which would give parole eligibility for non-violent offenders only who received sentences when juries were not informed of key fact (1995-2000)/ was left on the table in the House for cross-over.
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Many ex-felons don’t know they can get their right to vote restored
On a Tuesday afternoon in December, Richard Walker stood on the corner outside the city’s social services building and hollered.
The Mobile Justice Tour is Back!—Virginia
The Mobile Justice Tour (MJT) in Virginia is embarking on their 3rd fifteen-city tour calling for the overhaul of Virginia's Justice System, restoring civil and voting rights and for state-wide fair-hiring application policies for persons with a criminal record.
The Injustice of Five Years of Unfair Jury Trials In VA Remains Uncorrected
Help R.I.H.D., Inc. to correct all unfair jury trials in Virginia.
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