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Recap and moving forward with Mobile Justice Tour

Feb 23, 2016 | by admin

SB216, which would give parole eligibility for non-violent offenders only who received sentences when juries were not informed of key fact (1995-2000)/ was left on the table in the House for cross-over.

We did not support this amended discriminatory bill. We called for resentencing for all 400 plus Virginia prisoners who were sentenced by juries that were not informed that Virginia had no parole.

With that said, the 2016 General Assembly session were lessons learned to strengthen RIHD “WE”  justice fairness and equality in 2017, starting today!

Our strength and successful advocacy lies with every prisoner and you, their families with support from community and faith groups.

RIHD will host a Mobile Justice Tour PLANNING meeting will be Tuesday, March 22 from 6pm to 8pm at East End Library, 1200 N. 25th Street Richmond, Va 23223. All are invited and welcome.

The purpose of the 5th Mobile Justice Tour (MJT)  will be to educate and motivate people to encourage their local and state-level district  elected officials to participant in implementing fair and accurate justice-related reforms during the 2017 GENERAL ASSEMBLY SESSION in Virginia.

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