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8/17/2013 Mobile Justice Tour - Danville

Aug 17, 2013 | by admin

Danville Meeting & Press

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Danville Library
10am to 1pm
511 Patton Street
Danville, VA 2454 – ABC13

What a great meeting.

The MJT Team was greeted by residents and attendees from across Daville. Justice related presentations were given by the following MJT Team:  Lillie (Ms. K) Branch-Kennedy (Successful prisoner reentry – outlining the call to end mass incarceration without jepoardizing public safety, advocating prisoner literacy, educational, therapeutic and vocational rehabilitation with earned sentence credit up to 7.5 days in addition to current good time credits for persons incarcerated/sentenced on/after January 1, 1995 under the no-parole sentencing guidelines and for persons incarcerated prior to January 1, 1995 under the parole eligible sentencing guideline, particpation in said programs would help towards a favorable parole board decision.)

MJT Team support former proposed 2011 legislation SB796 Senator M. Locke (patron/sponsor). Janet (Queen Nzinga) Taylor (Ban-the-Box outlined and presented copies of successful local Virginia legislation to Danville city residents.  When passed,City Governmental Agency would defer the felony question on it’s application until the interview, making the process fairer.  Allowing a person with a felony record to explain in detail lessening the discrimination.)  Richard Walker, (Restoration of Voting and Civil Rights, detailing Governor McDonnell’s plan to simplify the rights restoration process for those with non-violent convictions and continuing the process to restore the rights of those with a violent offense.

After the presentation we provided direct service assistance – Richard Walker provided Restoration of Rights to persons with non-violent offense.  Lillie (Ms. K) provided Restoration of Rights assistance to persons with a prior violent offense.

The meeting was followed by ABC Affiliate WSET Channel 13 News interview with the entire MJT Team

MJT Team were invited to a luncheon with Danville residents that included city organizers, advocates and leaders. Over 40 attendees listened tentatively to MJT Team presentation and call for fair and commonsense laws in Virginia.


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