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Jan 24, 2011 | by admin

SB796 will be heard this Wednesday. With your support we can move it forward.

We need your calls in between now and Wednesday – Friday morning if SB796 is going to become a reality. It has moved to Sub-Committee, so now we need to push it forward. Here is who we need calls into:

Senate Rehabilitation and Social Services

Here are the folks we want to reach out to.  
Sen. Emmett Hanger @ 804/698-7524
Sen. Jill Vogel @ 804/698-7527
Sen. Ryan McDougle @ 804/698-7504
Sen. William M. Stanley, Jr. @ 804/698-7519;
Sen. Frank Wagner @ 804/698-7507
Sen. Toddy Puller @ 804/698-7536
Sen. George Barker @ 804/698-7539
Sen. Jeff McWaters @ 757/965-3700
Sen. John Miller  @ 757-595-1100
Sen. Richard Stuart @ 804/698-7528
Sen. Patsy Ticer @ 804/698-7530
Sen. Ralph S. Northam @ 804/698-7506
Sen. Mark Herring @ 804/698-7533

Hello, I want to speak (or leave a message) to/for Sen.________

My name is ___ , I’m calling from _____, VA, and I wanted to share my support for SB796. I want the state to be financially responsible in how we handle corrections and our judicial system. SB796 will support common sense criminal justice policy, while making sure that those who are returning to our communities from prison have a better chance of being successful and contributing as taxpayers. Please vote in favor of SB796.

Summary of Bill:

Rehabilitative programming; earned sentence credits. Allows prisoners to earn 10 additional sentence credits for each 30 days of incarceration for participation in programs aimed at earning a GED, college credit, or a certification through an accredited vocational training program or other accredited continuing education program, or intervention rehabilitation programs including mental health and sex offender treatment

1/24/11  Senate: Assigned Rehab sub: Corrections

SB 796 has been assigned to the Rehabilitation & Social Service Sub-Committeeand will be heard on this week, Wednesday, Jan. 26th @ 9:30am.

If you plan to be in attendance, please email me directly at or call  me at (804) 986-9135 (cell)

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