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Community Restoration Campaign - On the Move

Jan 7, 2012 | by admin

Last week we walked the halls and met with our individual district state legislators and/or legislative aides, expressing our support for the Community Restoration Campaign’s criminal justice and prison reform focus legislation.

You all were great in expressing your concerns, support and opposition to your legislators. A lot of great flip cam footage with many of your legislators.

CRC Focus Campaign

  •     Earned Second Chance provision with Volunteer Tax Deduction
  •     Ban the Box Legislation
  •     Restore Civil/Voting Rights
  •     TANF Benefits for Drug Offense Felons
  •     Juvenile Justice reforms

Throughout, the legislators were very supportive and positive towards the CRC  focus initiatives; however, our work isn’t done. Now comes actual proposed and patron legislation that require us all to take action! If you are unable to come to Richmond General Assembly, look for daily emails and forwards from RIHD. CALL, WRITE, or EMAIL your district state senator and house delegate IMMEDIATELY when you receive these emails and forwarded. Feel free to forward us responses from your legislators. Have questions regarding a particular legislation, feel free to contact me directly as soon as possible. During the General Assembly, for a quick response, text me at (804) 426-4426.

Don’t forget that the 100,000 Online Support for the Community Restoration Campaign Continues. Please have every person age 18 and older with a Virginia address go to:

It was great meeting with all those in attendance on Advocacy Day and for the VPA Conference/Workshops. The fight for justice, equal rights, reforms and accountability continues. Well done!

As always,
Peace and Blessings

Lillie Branch-Kennedy (Ms. K)
Executive Director

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