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MJT: Restoration of Rights in Virginia

Aug 10, 2013 | by admin

The MJT will elaborate on the plan’s details, and assist those who wish to restore their rights.

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While many applaud Governor McDonnell’s plans to simplify the rights restoration process for  those with non-violent convictions, there are many others who have great concerns with the policy choices that will affect the number of Virginians, and potentially leave many people, primarily people of color and the poor, out of the process.  These concerns center on the Governor’s intent to broadly define “violent” felonies – which include almost all drug convictions like drug possession with intent to distribute – so that fewer outstanding citizens  in our families, churches, & communities, whose convictions are many years old, from the simplified process. The MJT aims to lift up the details behind the plan that continue to create second-class status to some returning citizens, and to provide assistance to those who wish to restore their rights.

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