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Tell Virginia Not to Shred Family Photos
Correspondence written by the loved ones of Virginia prisoners will be shredded after being opened and copied by prison staff.  The new policy takes hold April 17th, when half of all Virginia Department of Corrections facilities will begin destroying incoming prisoner mail items like letters...
Fix Sentencing Disparities in VA (Governor Executive Order)
Jury deliberations are weighty and complex, making it vital participants be able to factor in all the relevant information. Yet, for five years, juries in Virginia imposed heavy-handed sentences without knowing the state had decided to abolish its parole system.In cases where jurie...
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Stop the Unfair Sentencing Trap in VA
Defendants in Virginia are getting trapped by harsh sentencing and denied the right to a fair appeal. Kevin Key was a first time offender convicted of a nonviolent drug offense. Sentencing guidelines presented by probation and parole officials recommended no more than 2 years and 2 days...