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South Carolina Prison Justice Network fights to advance the human rights of those inside our state’s jails and prisons. We call for policy reform that ends mass incarceration and that emphasizes rehabilitation of our neighbors. It is time to reform South Carolina’s criminal justice system.

COVID-19 has put incarcerated people, staff, administrators and other workers at risk.  We call for immediate action to protect those connected to the South Carolina system.  Take action today.


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Call our 24 hour hotline to tell us your story about COVID-19 and incarceration at 910-604-6519


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We want to hear your stories about COVID-19 in South Carolina jails and prisons.  Call 910-604-6519 to record a story or upload it here.

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My Brother Has COVID-19, And I Can't Find Him
Submission by, Serena Carter Amended Transcription of Audio: My name is Serena Carter. My brother had COVID. He is very ill, very sick. I couldn't locate him through SCDC. I called every day to find my brother, and I also prayed for his sa...
My Incarcerated Friend, Dead From COVID-19
Submission by, Advocate for Incarcerated in South Carolina Amended Transcription of Audio: Hi, I live in South Carolina. I am an advocate for the incarcerated. I'm concerned about the prison conditions and the way the COVID has been handled. ...
Family Member Pleads For Better Conditions In South Carolina Prisons
Submission by, Jasmine Amended Transcription of Audio: Hi, my name is Jasmine. I have my boyfriend and a couple of relatives that are in SCDC and their living habits is horrible. They barely get food. They don'...
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