#StopTheHeat – End Abusive Conditions in Prisons

Nation Inside is hearing reports from prisoners and families across the country about abusive heat conditions. It’s an issue of life and death as summer rolls in and climate disruption brings triple digit temperatures. Hundreds of prisons, jails, and detention centers are already sweltering. Where facilities fail to take appropriate measures to cool inmates, there will be illness, needless suffering and death.

Exposing those inside our nation’s prisons to lethal temperatures is wrong. What’s more, it’s unconstitutional—amounting to a form of cruel and unusual punishment—and a violation of basic human rights. Help those inside by joining the national “Stop the Heat” campaign.

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How Do They Replace Electrolytes...?
from the parent of a prisoner in Eastern WA Whether you are a participant or spectator of amateur and/or professional sports, you have likely seen a championship winning team pour Gatorade on a coach’s head. Or, during the game, match, or race – you may have seen an athlete drinking ...
Stop the Heat
Abusive heat, cold and humidity are serious issues in prisons across the country
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