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No more heat deaths #StopTheHeat
Nation Inside is hearing reports from prisoners and families across the country regarding abusive heat conditions, an issue of life and death as summer rolls in and climate disruption brings triple digit temperatures. Let’s protect those inside by putting the ...
Nation Inside and Middle Ground Prison Reform are hearing concerns from prisoners and families in Arizona regarding excessive heat conditions, an issue of actual life and death in a state whose summers reach triple digit temperatures. Let’s protect those within our criminal justice system by pu...
Prisons Need Ice in Summer Heat #StopTheHeat
The indoor heat index in Oklahoma prisons often hovers around the 90s and 100s in the summer because most prison units don’t have air conditioning, leaving those inside susceptible to heat stroke and complications related to existing medical conditions. We’re hearing reports from famil...
Heat Kills in Texas Prisons #StopTheHeat
A Texas man was supposed to return home to his family after his 2 year sentence for passing a bad check. Instead he died of heatstroke after suffering convulsions in his cell. He didn’t have a fan, he ...
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