#CagingCOVID: Stopping the Spread Behind Bars

While the world is trying to flatten the curve of a pandemic without end in sight, U.S. prisons and detention centers continue to be COVID-19 hotspots, warehousing millions and failing to make the substantial populations reductions needed to create conditions of social distance. #CagingCOVID is a campaign to shine a light on mass incarceration in a time of a public health crisis, and apply pressure to use parole, clemency and decarceration at local and federal levels to stop the spread of the virus behind bars.

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Prisons battling COVID-19 face another disease threat this fall
Reposted from The Verge  Sept 11, 2020 By Nicole Wetsman At the Eddie Warrior Correctional Center in Oklahoma, over ...
Update from Ware State Prison, Georgia
Update of the conditions of living for inmates at Ware State Prison as of Monday, August 10, 2020. We are now receiving one hot meal for dinner. The food is awful because they are letting the inmates from M building p...
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Family greives loss of father to Covid-19 in Florida prison
Chrystal Camacho, daughter of Henry Camacho who passed away after contracting coronavirus in Sumter Correctional Institution in Florida, gives a speech at a public funeral held at the state capitol in Tallahassee to honor all the incarcerated lives lost to Covid-19 in Florida prisons and detention c...
Washington State Prison, Georgia
Testimony from an incarcerated person in Washington State Prison, Georgia On July 3, 2020 I knew I was in trouble. I had been sick for a couple days and now had most of the known symptoms. My roommate had the same thing. I tried to fight it off because mos...
Lavontaye Graham pleas with Governor DeSantis to save lives
[video width="400" height="302" mp4="https://nationinside.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Lavontae-Graham.mp4"][/video]...
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