Families United to Decarcerate Michigan

Families United to Decarcerate Michigan is a group of citizens and organizations bringing awareness to the issues of over-incarceration in our state. We want to engage the citizens of Michigan to ask for improvements and reinvention of the criminal justice and corrections system so that our tax dollars will be better used and a more humane approach implemented.

Support ending the loss of family visits. Sample letters and pledges supporting the restoration of family visits will be coming soon.


Recent News

The Exorbitant Price of Michigan Prisons
It costs $5 million PER DAY to run Michigan's prison system.
Families Meet With MDOC on Loss of Family Visits
Many families have lost their visitation privileges with their loved ones for two years to life, due to substance abuse tickets.
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Crack Cocaine Impact on Families
In 1990 the year our son was born, the prison camp he would be confined in was reopened. His fate was practically sealed, by the lifestyle choices made by his biological mother and father  His biological mother was addicted to crack, and introduced the substance to him while he was in her...
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