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Family Member Pleads For Better Conditions In South Carolina Prisons

Oct 10, 2020 | by Laura Bratton

Submission by, Jasmine

Amended Transcription of Audio:

Hi, my name is Jasmine. I have my boyfriend and a couple of relatives that are in SCDC and their living habits is horrible. They barely get food. They don’t get visitation as it is now. They barely get to make phone calls. They’re not giving the guys sanitary equipment or anything to clean off none of the equipment that they’re using. They’re always inside their room. They’re always on lockdown due to some situation because they’re short staffed. And they want to spend a million dollars to prevent COVID. But they’re not even sending these guys nothing, or little to nothing, and cutting up their canteen supply – the only way they have access to food. South Carolina Department of Corrections needs help, seriously. They need to hire more people. They need to figure out a new system for when they are short-staffed to get these guys out of their room for a period of time or something. Animals get treated better than these guys and women inside of SCDC. And that’s not right. So SCDC really needs help. Please help SCDC. Thank you.

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