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My Brother Has COVID-19, And I Can’t Find Him
Submission by Serena Carter Amended Transcription of Audio: My name is Serena Carter. My brother had COVID. He is very ill, very sick. I couldn’t locate him through SCDC. I called every day to find my brother, and I also prayed for his safety. It’s bad enough that my brother is in there serving a […]
My Incarcerated Friend, Dead From COVID-19
Submission by Advocate for Incarcerated in South Carolina Amended Transcription of Audio: Hi, I live in South Carolina. I am an advocate for the incarcerated. I’m concerned about the prison conditions and the way the COVID has been handled. Several individuals, especially the elderly, has passed away due to the COVID. I had a dear […]
Family Member Pleads For Better Conditions In South Carolina Prisons
Submission by, Jasmine Amended Transcription of Audio: Hi, my name is Jasmine. I have my boyfriend and a couple of relatives that are in SCDC and their living habits is horrible. They barely get food. They don’t get visitation as it is now. They barely get to make phone calls. They’re not giving the guys […]
They’re Living In Horrendous Conditions
Submission by Cherry Transcription of Amended Audio: Hi, my name’s Cherry. I’m calling from Florence. I would like to tell you a little bit about what’s happening in the South Carolina Department of Corrections. They’re living in horrendous conditions. Cells are covered with mold, rust, smoke damage, blood from previous riots. The prisons are unsanitary […]
Inhumane Treatment in A Georgia Prison
I've been incarcerated 12 years: 6.5 awaiting trial and 5.5 in prison. My family really doesn't know what this place is like, so they don't understand the dangers.  Or, perhaps they do, but we don't talk about it. There is little they can do about it anyway, so I don't want to depress them.