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My Brother Has COVID-19, And I Can't Find Him

Oct 14, 2020 | by Laura Bratton

Submission by, Serena Carter

Amended Transcription of Audio:

My name is Serena Carter. My brother had COVID. He is very ill, very sick. I couldn’t locate him through SCDC.

I called every day to find my brother, and I also prayed for his safety.

It’s bad enough that my brother is in there serving a 30 year sentence for something he did not do.

He was very healthy before. And then he started having headaches and there’s no way to contain the social distances because there was mixing negative and positive inmates together. Some had been tested and some had not been tested.

This has been one of the worst things to happen to me besides my children dying in a fire, my parents dying back to back in 2019.

I feel like I’m fighting this alone.

I want my brother to come home so that he can be seen by doctors.

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