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My Incarcerated Friend, Dead From COVID-19

Oct 14, 2020 | by Laura Bratton

Submission by, Advocate for Incarcerated in South Carolina

Amended Transcription of Audio:

Hi, I live in South Carolina. I am an advocate for the incarcerated. I’m concerned about the prison conditions and the way the COVID has been handled. Several individuals, especially the elderly, has passed away due to the COVID. I had a dear friend of mine that passed away. He not only had the COVID, but he had liver cancer for not being treated for Hep C while he was inside.

And then he had a, um, individual that had COVID put with him when he was in the infirmary with stage four cancer. He’d been in for 40 years and there’s several elderly like that in there that need to be released. And the parole board, I don’t know how they’re making their decision. There’s not enough food. Um, they really need help.
South Carolina is in a very sad way right now.

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