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Governor Mary Fallin Praises Justice Reform Task Force’s Work toward Significant Proposal
Governor Mary Fallin today announced she will extend the deadline for her justice reform task force to provide more time to strengthen its proposals. The governor will modify an executive order that had previously called for the Oklahoma Justice Reform Task Force’s work to be complete by Thursday, Dec. 15. “To deliver the type of significant improvement Oklahoma needs, I am asking the task force to take the achievable, responsible ideas it already has a step further,” said Fallin. “The task force already has ways to save thousands of prison beds while increasing mental health treatment and public safety, and I want it to make those good ideas even better over the next month.”
Approach to ’85 percent’ crimes is one challenge for Oklahoma criminal justice panel by The Oklahoman Editorial Board
IT will be interesting to see what recommendations are made by a task force that's been working on criminal justice reform since July. One thing that seems evident is that Oklahoma's list of “85 percent” crimes won't be getting much shorter. These crimes require offenders to serve 85 percent of their sentences before they can be considered for parole. The original list of crimes, which were the product of a 1997 bill called the Truth in Sentencing Act, related to violent offenders and numbered in the single digits.
Town Hall Meeting Thur 8/11
There will be a town hall meeting in the Price & Turpen Courtroom at the University of Tulsa School of Law, Thursday evening, August 11th. There will be a presentation of the ballot initiatives 780 & 781, followed by a panel discussion, and a Q&A from the general public. We would love to see everyone there, taking part in reforming our criminal justice system. Thursday at 5:30 PM - 7 PM University of Tulsa School of Law, Price & Turpen Courtroom, 3120 E 4th Pl, Tulsa, OK
Update on Lawton
Lawton is on lockdown and will have a shakedown before they can come back up, there was some issues they will not know about visiting this next week until maybe thur 11