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Dr. Lois Farquharson, 91: A Woman in Need of Freedom
At the age of 91, Dr. Lois J. Farquharson is believed to be the oldest woman incarcerated in Pennsylvania.  She uses a wheelchair and experiences memory lapses from mild dementia.  Jane Keller, who has visited her monthly in prison for over twenty-five years, describes her as “compassionate, intelligent, well-educated, witty and gifted.”  Keller, a Quaker […]
AR-CURE quarterly newsletter January 2016
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A Challenge
We know that Nation Inside is a tool to carry our message and your message far beyond what could ever be done on our own! We challenge you to use it too…. Its really quite easy … it connects us to work as one for the nation of men and women incarcerated… until the prison nation inside no longer exists.