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Dr. Lois Farquharson, 91: A Woman in Need of Freedom
At the age of 91, Dr. Lois J. Farquharson is believed to be the oldest woman incarcerated in Pennsylvania.  She uses a wheelchair and experiences memory lapses from mild dementia.  Jane Keller, who has visited her monthly in prison for over twenty-five years, describes her as “compassionate, intelligent, well-educated, witty and gifted.”  Keller, a Quaker […]
My name is #046427
I was born March 11, 1905. I came to prison in 1953. My name is #046427. I was sentenced to 18 yrs. for aggravated assault. I am still in an Arkansas prison There may be some people that should not get out of prison, but a lot of the men and women that are there should not […]
Share RAPP Stories
The RAPP Campaign invites you to add your story about aging behind bars. Speak from the heart. Share your experience.
How I got involved in prison issues
One woman tells the story of how she got involved in RAPP, Release Aging People in Prison.
Della’s view on aging prisoners
Shazzia’s story
Shazzia's interest in prison issues comes from family experience
Rebbe, the Radical and the Rev
The November 11th show of the Rebbe, the Radical and the Rev was a dialogue between host Jim Vrettos, Beatty Cohan Vrettos – host of the Ask Beatty Show on Progressive Radio Network, and prisoner rights activists Larry White Of Hope Lives for Lifers Project, Mujahid Farid of the Release Aged Prisoners Program, and Angel Ramos of the Breathing Space Organization.
Farid on aging prisoners
Farid from RAPP says he has first-hand experience with the pain of people aging in prison