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Important Stories: A Prison By Any Other Name by Michael Barajas
Michael Barajas' article "A Prison By Any Other Name" perfectly lays out the cruelty, greed, and dishonesty widespread in civil commitment centers nationwide.
Each One Teach One
Every dollar spent on correctional education programs, four to five dollars are saved. Community planning session working on the issue of the ‘prison pipeline’.
My name is #046427
I was born March 11, 1905. I came to prison in 1953. My name is #046427. I was sentenced to 18 yrs. for aggravated assault. I am still in an Arkansas prison There may be some people that should not get out of prison, but a lot of the men and women that are there should not […]
AR-CURE Newsletter April 2016
You can help us with the mailing cost to our fellow citizens in prison by joining AR-CURE or simply making a donation (of any amount). APRIL 2016 Issue 6
In Virginia, Fast Cars Land You Behind Bars
Patrick George, Senior staff writer for Jalopnik.com, shares his personal experience of a 3 day stay at a Virginia Jail. Mr George was able to glimpse into what we at Virginia CURE know far too well; our Commonwealth's tough on crime stance creates a Kafkaesque experience for citizens who err when caught in our legal system. Virginia CURE thanks Mr. George for the permission to share his story. Incarceration can happen to us all.
Stop Mass Incarceration Network’s Emergency Call to End Torture in U.S. Prisons