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Kevin Rashid Johnson On Covid In Indiana Prisons
Kevin Rashid Johnson speaks about his experience at Pendleton Correctional Facility in Indiana before being transferred to Wabash Valley Correctional Facility, also in Indiana. He discusses inadequate access to soap and hand sanitizer, nutritious food, and PPE. His new facility in Wabash, he says, is better about precautions but guards still come in and out without being subjected to the same quarantine and testing measures as inmates.
James Mason – A Message from Inside
Mr. Mason describes current conditions from inside and discusses what's needed to curb the spread of COVID-19 in prisons and jails.
Michael Powell Jr. – Marion Correctional Institution
Michael Powell Jr. speaking from Marion Correctional Institution about how COVID has impacted life inside. He touches on the cramped conditions and lack of recreation due to lockdown, and worries about how this will affect tensions.
Conditions of Covid Inside – Fourth of July
This institution is allowing its employees to deprive the inmates (us) of our human rights/constitutional rights. Like most of the time, we are only given the opportunity to shower twice and sometimes once a week! We are being denied adequate cleaning tools and supplies during this COVID-19 era! We are being fed on old trays that have old food stuck to it, meaning we are being fed on dirty trays. Most times, we are not being fed the proper amount of food and are often being served unauthorized, uncoordinated and unacceptable substitutions. We are being denied dayroom and recreation privileges/rights and other things as well.
Prisons battling COVID-19 face another disease threat this fall
Reposted from The Verge  Sept 11, 2020 By Nicole Wetsman At the Eddie Warrior Correctional Center in Oklahoma, over 90 percent of inmates have tested positive for COVID-19. Nearly every facility in the Oklahoma prison system has been touched by the virus, says Nicole McAfee, director of policy and advocacy at the ACLU of Oklahoma. She […]
Wabash Valley Correctional Facility, Indiana
Hopelessness is the Enemy of Justice by Khalfani malik Khaldun May 3, 2020 Power To the Oppressed! My name is Bro. Khalfani malik Khaldun. I’m housed in a prison plantation here in Indiana called the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. I have devoted at least 25 of my 33 years inside to liberation prison activism. Trying […]