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‘We Agree on the Bigger Issue’
A three-day conference, called “Advancing Justice: An Agenda for Human Dignity & Public Safety,” was billed by one of its organizers as “transideological.” The two governors who spoke at the conference – Democrat Jack Markell from Delaware and Republican Asa Hutchinson from Arkansas – did not come armed with press releases about new policies that they would be implementing.
Another Suicide In Arkansas Prison
The Arkansas Department of Correction says a 37 year old prisoner has died of an apparent hanging. This marks the 3rd. reported suicide since August at the East Arkansas Regional Unit in Marianna.
Prison Reform Advocates
Arkansas Prison Reform Advocates prepare for the Special Legislative Session...
Second Death As Possible Suicide
Second suicide at the East Arkansas Regional Unit in Brickeys is being investigated by the Arkansas State Police in less than two months
Hutchinson sets 8 execution dates after 10-year gap
Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson says the state will resume executions after a 10-year gap starting next month with a double execution.
From Prison to the Capitol: Truth to Power at the Ark. Leg. Criminal Justice Task Force
Four formerly incarcerated people testified about their experiences at the Arkansas Legislative Criminal Justice Oversight Task Force. Arkansas CURE is so proud of these great people and thankful to have played a part to make this happen.
Arkansas Death Penalty
We are better than this, Arkansas. Each of these quotes are actual comments made, captured online or in person about those who are condemned to die at the hands of the state. Arkansas is better than this!
Prison Rape Elimination Act ~ In Jeopardy
Why are lawmakers considering restrictions to the federal law designed to help prevent prison rape? Associated Press
Educate Not Just Incarcerate
Just saying "NO" is not the answer... Arkansas CURE Says “YES” to rehabilitation for those who have erred