My name is #046427
I was born March 11, 1905. I came to prison in 1953. My name is #046427. I was sentenced to 18 yrs. for aggravated assault. I am still in an Arkansas prison There may be some people that should not get out of prison, but a lot of the men and women that are there should not […]
AR-CURE Summer Newsletter 2016
You can help us with the cost of mailing this newsletter to our fellow citizens in prison by joining AR-CURE or making a donation (of any amount).Summer 2016 Newsletter Issue 7
Meeting reminder reg. SQ780 & SQ781
very important meeting MUST PASS these SQ's
update on Lawton visiting
At this point Lawton is planing on visiting this weekend. BUT you may want to call before making the drive as 2 CO's were attacked yesterday
OK CURE meeting reminder tulsa
Tulsa meetings will be held on the 2nd Saturday (8/13), begin at 2pm and be held at the Schusterman-Benson Library, 3333 E. 32nd Pl. (right off Harvard at 32nd Pl)
Criminal justice reform supporters challenge ballot title rewrite
Just another way the state is trying to stop reform. We must get out the vote and get these SQ passed. Why are our state leaders so happy to keep us #1 in incarceration and last in education ?
State Wide meetings for SQ780 & SQ781
They are having Town Hall meetings & Community Conversation meetings around the state. Check it out find your date & location and take a couple of friends with you.
tonights Support group meeting
Friends & Family of Prisoners Support Group The first Tuesday of the month at Contact Church of Christ, 1529 W 49th St., Tulsa - at 6:30pm
The FCC Tried to Cap Rates on the Prison Industrial Complex — Here’s What Happened Instead
Many have noticed that the phone rates did not go down as expected. Here is what is going on with the FCC and the phone companies and DOC's that have sued to stop the lower rates
#stoptheheat or at least fix ice machines petition
The petition is up here to put in air conditioning so the inmates won’t suffer so much. Because of the budget issues we doubt this will happen so at the very least fix the ice machines in the units. So they can at the very least have some ice to help cool off.