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video December 7, 2014

The Criminalization of Mental Illness: One Father’s Story

Joe's son Daniel was sentenced to 45 years in prison for a nonviolent offense, caused by a mental health condition from which Daniel suffers. Aspergers syndrome makes it very difficult for Daniel to see the world through other peoples' eyes, and this means he sometimes behaves in socially inappropriate ways. But 45 years? Watch his father talk about how their family has been impacted by our broken criminal justice system.

From CURE Illinois & Criminal Justice Advocacy for People with Mental Illness
video December 7, 2014
video December 3, 2014

Lisa’s Story about the Abilene Jail

Lisa steps up at a candlelight vigil to tell what it was like bearing her child by herself in a cell.

From Jail House Stories
video November 25, 2014

Did CCA neglect lead to inmate’s death?

Janice tells the story of her brother, Bobby, whose pleas for medical help were ignored while serving time out-of-state in Kentucky. He passed away on October 27, 2014.

From Locked Up and #ShippedAway
blog November 25, 2014


A powerful poem by Louise Rader.

From Locked Up and #ShippedAway
video November 24, 2014

Educate Not Just Incarcerate

Just saying "NO" is not the answer... Arkansas CURE Says “YES” to rehabilitation for those who have erred

From Arkansas: CURE
video November 20, 2014

Olefemi on Sustainable Freedom

Olefemi discusses the need for sustainability in Asheville communities and how it impacts the disenfranchised.

From Sustainable Freedom
Blog November 14, 2014

My Name is Jamie. Life in Prison

The material for this website comes from letters that have been shared with Sonni Quick for the last 8 years.

video November 11, 2014

Why Parole Matters to Me—A Community Member’s Perspective

A RAPP member explains why it just makes sense to reform current parole practices in New York State.

From Release Aging People in Prison
video November 11, 2014

Why Parole Reform Matters to Me—Impact on Political Prisoners

A member of RAPP shares about the long sentences political prisoners face and how parole reform could make a difference.

From Release Aging People in Prison
video November 11, 2014

Why Parole Reform Matters to Me—Family Member Perspective

A member of the RAPP campaigns shares why parole reform matters to families.

From Release Aging People in Prison
audio November 5, 2014

“Stop making our prisons and our justice system a corporation.”

Moving words about the impact of incarceration on a Houston family. Help support Texas Families at the Texas Family For Justice November 7th rally.

blog October 28, 2014

Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform-MAJR

A new Coalition in Annapolis, preparing for 2015 General Assembly.

From Maryland CURE
blog October 7, 2014

The Injustice of Five Years of Unfair Jury Trials In VA Remains Uncorrected

Help Prisoner and Families for Equal Rights and Justice (PAFERJ) a subsidiary of R.I.H.D., Inc. to correct all unfair jury trials in Virginia.

From Community Restoration Campaign (VA)  Mobile Justice Tour (MJT)
blog October 7, 2014

The Mobile Justice Tour is Back!—Virginia

The Mobile Justice Tour (MJT) in Virginia is embarking on their 3rd fifteen-city tour calling for the overhaul of Virginia's Justice System, restoring civil and voting rights and for state-wide fair-hiring application policies for persons with a criminal record.

From Community Restoration Campaign (VA)  Mobile Justice Tour (MJT)
blog September 26, 2014

If Cali Can, Why Can’t NY?

California is taking steps to release incarcerated elders. New York is doing the opposite.

From Release Aging People in Prison
blog September 17, 2014

In Virginia, Fast Cars Land You Behind Bars

Patrick George, Senior staff writer for, shares his personal experience of a 3 day stay at a Virginia Jail. Mr George was able to glimpse into what we at Virginia CURE know far too well; our Commonwealth's tough on crime stance creates a Kafkaesque experience for citizens who err when caught in our legal system. Virginia CURE thanks Mr. George for the permission to share his story. Incarceration can happen to us all.

video September 10, 2014

Tim shares what it’s like to be locked up & shipped away

Former VT prisoner shares his story. He spent 18 months in a private prison in KY, isolated from his family and loved ones in VT.

From Locked Up and #ShippedAway
audio September 8, 2014

A targeted permanent underclass

Vonya Quarles, Executive Director at Starting Over, shares her thinking on building a movement and the challenges formerly incarcerated face when state and federal policies create a permanent underclass.

From All of Us or None: Riverside
blog September 2, 2014

Visiting LAC

Meg from Brattleboro, VT shares what it's like to visit a loved one at Lee Adjustment Center, Beattyville, KY.

From Locked Up and #ShippedAway
video September 2, 2014

Vermont mother hasn’t seen her son since 2007

Sha'an Mouliert wants her incarcerated son back in VT. He has been in a private prison in KY since 2007.

From Locked Up and #ShippedAway
video July 21, 2014

Summit on Criminalization and Race - Faces (slideshow)

Because mass incarceration is wounding our communities, over a hundred faith, organizing and grassroots leaders came together May 8-9 in Chicago to witness, learn, and reflect together from their faith traditions, at the Interfaith Organizing Initiative Summit on the Intersection of Criminalization and Race.

From Interfaith Organizing Initiative: Summit on Criminalization and Race
video July 16, 2014

FCC Workshop on Further Reform of Inmate Calling Services

On July 9, 2014, Paul Wright and Alex Friedmann from the Human Rights Defense Center/Prison Legal News

From Campaign for Prison Phone Justice
blog July 11, 2014

Litany on We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest

IOI's May 8-9 Summit concluded by the group sharing in a litany inspired by our faith commitments, written by Charlene Sinclair

From Interfaith Organizing Initiative: Summit on Criminalization and Race
video July 10, 2014

Responses from the Field

Grassroots Leaders respond to the keynote presentation by Dr. Edward Blum, May 8, 2014 at the IOI Summit. • Rev. John Cager II, Justice not Jails • Rev. Joseph Owens, DART • Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry, UUA CBCO Minister’s Council • Israel Vargas, Gamaliel • Rev. Michael-Ray Mathews, PICO

From Interfaith Organizing Initiative: Summit on Criminalization and Race
video July 10, 2014

Spiritual Reflection in Action - “How do we see people?”

Leaders from WISDOM/Wisconsin and Children's Defense Fund/Tennessee at the IOI Summit, May 8-9, 2014. Formerly incarcerated persons and family members of the formerly incarcerated will lead a session designed to contrast the notion people on the "outside" have of prisoners and their experience, discuss how we communicate about incarceration and the incarcerated and push us to think deeply about the challenge in yet necessity for "humanizing" the incarcerated and the formerly incarcerated in the eyes of the larger community that can make change.

From Interfaith Organizing Initiative: Summit on Criminalization and Race
blog July 10, 2014

The Promise of Youth: My Conversation with 9th Graders in DC about Young People & Violence

How much do 14-year-olds know about the School-to-Prison Pipeline and the ways in which Federal legislation could empower local communities to quit criminalizing children? Maybe more than you think...

From International CURE
video July 8, 2014

Plenary 2 - Disenfranchisement and the Movement for Democracy

Mass incarceration threatens democracy. Susan Engh, Heather Ann Thompson, Kara Gotsch, Eric Meter, James Giles, Desmond Meade

From Interfaith Organizing Initiative: Summit on Criminalization and Race
video July 8, 2014

Plenary 1 - Jobs Not Jails: Economic Dimensions of the Crisis

Economic barriers facing people who have been incarcerated. Ken Galdston, Jaimie Philip, Kelly Wilkins, Byron Hobbs, Lora MacDonald, Brandon Sturdivant.

From Interfaith Organizing Initiative: Summit on Criminalization and Race
video July 5, 2014

A Tifa interview

Texas Inmate Families Association had a family day with End Mass Incarceration in Houston and Director Jennifer Erschabek was busy videoing most of the day. This interview is David Atwood from Texas Coalition Against The Death Penalty.