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Family Grieves Loss of Father to Covid-19 in Florida Prison
VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT: Chrystal Camacho, daughter of Henry Camacho who passed away after contracting coronavirus in Sumter Correctional Institution in Florida, gives a speech at a public funeral held at the state capitol in Tallahassee to honor all the incarcerated lives lost to Covid-19 in Florida prisons and detention centers. Chrystal Camacho’s speech from 8/22/2020 transcribed: “L15812 […]
Washington State Prison, Georgia
Testimony from an incarcerated person in Washington State Prison, Georgia On July 3, 2020 I knew I was in trouble. I had been sick for a couple days and now had most of the known symptoms. My roommate had the same thing. I tried to fight it off because most people were beating it in […]
Update from Ware State Prison, Georgia
Update of the conditions of living for inmates at Ware State Prison as of Monday, August 10, 2020. We are now receiving one hot meal for dinner. The food is awful because they are letting the inmates from M building prepare the meals. These inmates are not cooks, they work outside detail. We are receiving […]
Lavontaye Graham Pleads with Governor DeSantis to Save Lives
#CagingCOVID Caller Submission
“Y’all see us like we’re not human.” While hundreds of prisons across the country fail to provide adequate protections and honor health regulations during the pandemic, the incarcerated find themselves having to plead their case to the court of public opinion. Lavontaye Graham presents a case calling for compassion, bemoaning the indifference felt by too many in regards to the safety of those locked in a "pitri dish for disaster."
2020 Legislative Agenda
FAQ on Prison Slave Labor in FL
Just because a County Commissioner won't call it slavery, doesn't mean it isn't... Frequently Asked Questions on Prison Slave Labor in Florida
Prisoners File Unprecedented Environmental Lawsuit Against Proposed Federal Prison in Kentucky
By Panagioti Tsolkas / Prison Legal News After more than three years of a controversial environmental review process for the proposed USP Letcher, conducted by the Bureau of Prisons and their consulting firm Cardno, lawyers filed a lawsuit in November 2018 on behalf of 21 federal prisoners spread across the country. Plaintiffs in the case […]
Documents Reveal How Law Enforcement Partners with Private Companies to Surveil Schools
Unbeknownst to students across the country, their school may be surveilling their social media activity... even individuals who have no affiliation with a school may get scooped up in the dragnet.
Prison Phone Justice Victory in TX! What’s next?
While its been looking dismal in a federal realm, news from the Prison Phone Justice front in Texas may be an indication of changes bubbling up at the state leve
Arkansas DOC says water is safe, but didn’t test it from prisoners’ taps
In July of this year, former prisoners and their family members raised concerns about a variety of prison issues at a hearing with state lawmakers. This included repeated concerns with water quality at multiple facilities. One former prisoner stated that water in the East Arkansas Unit was not even “fit to take a shower in.” […]